Welcome To Open Source Style

The Idea

Is this a demostration for graphic designers as to what can be accomplished visually through CSS? Nope. Quite simply this is an intiative for open source designers to take part in a project that will result in a collection of beautiful, valid, and accessible open source templates that all share the same xhtml.

The impact of this project on the open source template community could be wonderful. Users would be able to choose from a collection of templates that share a common xhtml document, meaning they could update the look of their site by simply selecting a new style sheet. The end users of the templates will be able to see the remarkable power of css and css based design.

How To Participate

The basic principles of Open Source Style are the same as The CSS Zen Garden. You are given a sample xhtml and css document. You may modify the css document in any way you wish to achieve your desired design, but you may not alter the xhtml at all. Both documents should be well enough commented that you can figure out what's going on, and make it your own. If you need tips and tricks for styling your css view the CSS Resources Page.

To begin simply download a copy of the source documents and work on them locally. While you are working please keep in mind the submission guidelines that are listed below. Once you have finished place your completed work on a web server under your control. Send us a link to your files and we will review it. If your design meets the submission guidelines we will add it to one of two categories: Official Designs or General Submissions. Official Designs are the cream of the crop, designs that both meet the submission guidelines and are judged to be asthetically pleasing. General Submissions are all the other submissions that meet the submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

The Submission Guidelines for Open Source Style is an amalgam of the Submission Guildlines for CSS Zen Garden and Open Web Design. The biggest deviation from the CSS Zen Garden Guidelines is the image file size limit. The file size limit is in place so that all Open Source Style Designs can also be submitted to Open Web Design. I can not encourage you enough to submit your design both here, and to OWD.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your Design Must Be Valid CSS according to the W3C.
  • Designs shold not give a horizontal scrollbar at 800 x 600 screen resolution.
  • Designs should appear relatively the same on all major browsers; (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari, & Mozilla).
  • The combined size of all images must be less than 25KB.
  • No text is allowed in images (so that it can be used without an image editor).
  • Images must be royalty free.

About OSS

Open Source Style (OSS) is another fork in the open source web design movement. The purpose of OSS is to help stimulate the number of open source templates, the quality of open source templaes, and to demonstrate to the average user the power of CSS. All designs seen here at OSS are available for download here and at OWD. The best part about using an OSS design template is the ability to easily change the style of your site by simply downloading a new OSS style sheet; no HTML editing is required for a re-design.